LED design - production - installation

LedaxTech is a producer of a high quality modern video screens that vary in construction types, modifications and parameters.

Get a new LED screen for all your projects

LED screens became an irreplaceable asset in various fields nowadays: sports arenas, airports and train stations, concert halls, churches, expo arenas, conference halls, malls and stores, and many others.

New protective cover “SCL” for LED modules

Special layer, that covers fragile LED crystals

“SCL” - Soft Cover Layer

High protection technology: The revolutionary technology that utilizes
a special epoxy polymer and seals LED chips within modules.





New protective cover "SCL" (Soft Cover Layer) for LED modules. Special layer, that covers fragile LED crystals from the environmental elements (moisture, dirt, water, dust, etc.) and protects from a mechanical damage (impact, shaking, scratching). You don’t need to worry about placing your screen in an extreme environment – now you can realize your most challenging tasks and achieve your most unbelievable goals.

Price formation

Screen size

Pixel pitch and brightness

Usage conditions (Indoor/Outdoor)

Project completion stages

Determining needs

Determining the needs, choosing the equipment and putting together an initial estimate.

Creating a detailed offer

Putting together a detailed offer, confirming the delivery terms, compiling the technical documentation.

Production and delivery

Production and delivery of the screen in accordance to the agreed upon terms.

Installation and initial launch tune-up

Equipment installation, connection and wiring of the LED panels, software installation and adjustment.

Software usage training

Access to the remote control software.

Technical support and warranty

Technical support.

Advantages of using led screens

Any size

High brightness and definition of the image

Low cost

Low power consumption